15 September 2021

New AMX PRECIS Windowing Video Processors and Digital Matrix

The new line of AMX PRECIS windowing
video processors and digital matrix Switchers

Windowing video processors for maximum versatility
The PR-WP-412 Windowing processor is the most versatile of the Precis series and can be used in either 4×1+1 mode or as a traditional 4×2 switcher. In windowing mode, the four video inputs can be arranged in any configuration. All with class-leading 4K60 4:4:4 video quality.

Video matrix switchers for all types of installation
Precis digital matrix switchers are designed to cover the needs of small to medium-large installations with an unprecedented quality/price ratio. Matrix from 4×2 to 8×8 with HDMI 2.0, HDR10+, fast switching, 36-bit pixel Deep Colour and Dolby Vision, EDID management, HTML5 web interface, open control API.

HDMI to USB Capture Device
The HDMI to USB capture device for PCs and video conferencing software such as Teams and Zoom completes the range of new products.
The UVC1-4K solves the problem of importing content from camcorders, document cameras, visualisers, DVD players or other traditional video sources in a simple and effective way.

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