29 April 2022

A technological hub in the heart of Milan | SECURSAT

A technological hub in the heart of Milan


Much more than a control room, a real Technological Hub, born as an innovative concept, that is used both for security monitoring, and as a showroom in the heart of Milan: it is the Secursat SOC – Security Operation Centerdeveloped in partnership with Intermark Sistemi.

Secursat was founded as an outsourcing of the banking sector with the aim of managing traditional security systems through the network, not only for the financial sector but also for retail, industrial and real estate. Talking about security means managing risks, that is, monitoring thousands of sites and managing big data from installations around the whole world to ensure the protection of jobs, buildings and in general of all the assets of Secursat customers.

The complexity of the subject, the competence of the young managers (average age 35 years) graduated in security sciences and criminology, and the know-how built in years of passionate work by Secursat required an uncompromising technological approach, capable of looking simultaneously at functionality, performance, reliability and ergonomics. Without forgetting that the Secursat SOC is certified in accordance with the European Standard EN 50518, which regulates the structural, performance and organizational aspects of an Operations Center.

“We have imagined an open environment without limits or borders to better represent our openness to new technologies and new risk scenarios, remaining loyal to the values that have always guided us, those of an ethical and sustainable business”
Giuseppe Calabrese – CEO Secursat

The challenge for Intermark Sistemi

The challenge faced by Intermark Sistemi was therefore as demanding as fascinating, and the choice fell on the best brands in the control room sector: RDI for the operator consoles, VUWALL for the management of the room’s videowalls, AMX for the centralized control based on touch panels and ALFATRON (now JOSAWA) for the distribution of signals, based upon both copper and fiber cables.

“We have found in Secursat a unique partner in the control room vertical and we have provided the best technological solutions on the market, in order to build an innovative control room model”
Fabio Concezzi, CEO Intermark Sistemi

Before analyzing the solutions in detail, let’s see the main features of the room: double videowall (a 3×2 and a 2×2) mounted on custom columns to keep it flush with the wall and to make the structure independent from the furniture that integrates it; four operator consoles, each equipped with 3 monitors mounted on fully adjustable arms, connectivity on the worktop and wireless charging stations; technical space adjacent to the room to safely accommodate the whole rack equipment, from the videowall management server to the room controller; two meeting rooms interconnected with the main room and equipped with technologies for presentations and video conferences.

SECURSAT presentation video

RDI Operator Console (Roomdimensions)

For the consoles Secursat has chosen the LITE series of RDI, essential and equipped with every technical detail to ensure maximum installation and operational functionality: robust supporting structure, predefined cable routes, housings for technologies, access from anywhere, rack spaces with patches for power supplies and network, drawers for stationery, complete connectivity on the work surface, wireless charging of personal devices, colored LEDs and backlit logo.

VuWall videowall servers and controllers

The VuWall server dedicated to the image controller on the video wall, also located in the technical room, is a powerful wokstation equipped with physical and virtual inputs and outputs to manage any type of audio and video signal and equipped with VuWall2 PRO software platform, specifically designed for NOC / SOC applications. With VuWall, video walls and meeting room monitors become free work surfaces on which it is possible to place the sources freely: the management is typically done through predefined layouts during the configuration of the room and can be modified by the operators at any time. The integration with the main camera management systems makes the integration of different systems and the management of hundreds of cameras particularly simple and effective.

AMX control touch panel

To complete the equipment of the room, an AMX touch panel could not miss: a 10” touch screen in table version, always ready to change the layouts of the video wall or activate any functions for the control of the entire room. The creation of the user interface has been taken care of with particular attention to make the operation intuitive and to offer on a first level only the necessary commands, leaving to secondary pages any settings of less common use. The NX-1200 controller, the smallest in the AMX series, has enough power to handle all room equipment and to automate key functions.

CatX and ALFATRON (now JOSAWA) fibre cabling

The ALFATRON (JOSAWA) cabling has been developed mainly on category cables using signal extenders, adding some fiber cables that ensure the highest quality at 40 meters without needing additional hardware. The wiring is centralized within the technical room, adjacent to the control room and connected with separate cable routes to the consoles and to the video walls. The position of the server room as an appendix of the control room was the best choice for Secursat, and they know that with KVM remote technologies it is possible to place the server room even miles away.

Conference rooms integrated with the control room

The project was designed from the beginning to make this hub a real showroom, to welcome customers and partners and show them how to manage security risks in a perspective of open innovation – the SOC is in fact supported by two conference rooms connected to the data system and able to show on their displays any source, regardless of the activity of the operation center, which is not disturbed. Maximum flexibility, therefore, both in the use of the meeting rooms and in the management of the main control room.

    ALF-EXT60IR-18G: Full 4K 4:4 HDMI extender on CAT5e/CAT6. Supports 1080p and 4K @60Hz video signals up to 40m including HDCP1.4 built-in multi-channel audio. Automatic downscaling from 4K to 1080P, EDID management.
    WU4K-HUB: 4×1 HDMI Full 4K KVM Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 with 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolution, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
    ALF-TG: Desktop accessory for Switcher WU4K-HUB. Source selection button and black screen. Inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB Type-B (PC control).


  • AMX
    NX-1200: NetLinx NX Control Unit. Supports IPV6 and 802.1x standards, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP protocols; real-time diagnostics. Processor speed: 1600 MIPS.
    MT-1002: Modero 10” G5 series horizontal touch panel. G5 graphics with Quad Core processor. IPS technology for crystal-clear images and ±89° side visibility. Multitouch capacitive 3 points.


  • Minrray
    UV540-5-U3-HDMI-W: 1080P60 PTZ camera. Optical Zoom: 5X. Digital Zoom: 5X. Viewing angle: 83.7°. Features: HDMI, USB3.0, IP streaming, RS232-In.
    VA210-3X: Videoconferencing kit consisting of PTZ camera, desktop microphone and USB interface.


  • RDI Roomdimensions
    KL2-COR150BPD/1O1: Technical console for two operators LITE V2 series. Dimensions: 1800x900x740mm.
    BR-DRF302: Articulated stand for single monitor.
    SE-CXO001: 24×7 CXO Ergonomic chair.


  • Samsung
    VM55T-E: Full HD 24/7 high side visibility, 18mm bezel-to-bezel display, used for 3×2 and 2×2 Videowalls.


  • SmartMetals
    052.1050: Tiltable universal wall mount: max. 446 x 400 mm, 125 kg.


  • VuWall
    VS400-3-8HO-6H-6HF: VuScape VS400. Chassis 4RU Redundant Power Supply. 8 HDMI 2.0 Outputs, 4K/60. 6 HDMI1.3 Inputs, up to HD/60, HDCP support. 6 HDMI1.4 Inputs, up to UHD/30, HDCP support.
    S-VW2-PRO: VuWall2 PRO Software Package.

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Are you interested in the solutions presented in this case study?
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