25 May 2022

Intermark Experience @ ISE 2022

Let’s review ISE 2022 news together!

ISE 2022 was a trade fair full of novelties, full of newfound human relationships and exceeding expectations thanks to more than 50,000 registrations and almost 850 exhibitors, including more than half of our partners in attendance.

Here is a summary of the stands and the latest technologies presented by our partners, also summarised in a short video:

To learn more about the new solutions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions, organise live or video conference demonstration sessions and offer advanced technical support for your projects.

When they say technology must be transparent… AMX goes against the grain: only functioning meeting rooms to demonstrate that technology means above all functionality.  

Arthur Holm

The timeless fascination of technology that disappears, the sensuality of light movements that bring audio/video technology into view only when needed. New from DynamicMC, the retractable column for webcams and microphones: Arthur Holm never ceases to amaze.  

Creating the ideal atmosphere for a meeting, a dinner party or to welcome your guests… when it comes to audio, AtlasIED‘s Atmosphere family has everything you need to easily soundtrack any environment, with intelligent endpoints and a web interface that is easy for anyone to use.  

When it comes to brackets, what counts is robustness, quality and the ability to adapt them to your needs: from video walls to displays, from video projectors to totems. Edbak designs and manufactures everything in its own factories: an irreplaceable guarantee of reliability and a team ready to respond to any customisation.  

Meeting rooms, desks, external visitors, catering, lockers, parking: workspace management with GoBright is easily adaptable to one’s needs, in line with the new hybrid working models.  

The rack power supply is an indispensable element to protect your AV devices. With Gude, you add to the power supply control the ability to save space and remotely intervene for maintenance.  

KVM systems for remote control of PCs and workstations are now also available over IP: with Kvm-Tek, Ihse solutions become even more flexible, even in hybrid mode: proprietary matrix and network switching together.  

The LED wall that handles like a large-format display? Not only that, Maxhub‘s all-in-one LED walls also install with incredible ease and in 31mm thickness offer amazing images from 120″ to 220″.  

Professional webcams and cameras with an extended range of models to cover everything from huddle rooms to auditoriums, without sacrificing the image quality that sets Minrray apart from the many manufacturers. 

Thousands of virtual microphones distributed throughout the room and managed with an automatic calibration system for maximum audio performance in your conference room: this is the magic of Nureva soundbars.

The PressIt family is enriched with a 360-degree web conferencing camera with realistic shooting modes around the table: Panasonic always shows its focus on innovation, this time dedicated to small hybrid environments.  

It is impossible to imagine all the possible applications of ProDVX displays with integrated Android, Windows, Linux operating system: from off-premises to retail, from control panels to digital signage, any industry has its solution ready.

Rdi‘s ergonomic consoles perfectly combine technology, functionality and design, and the new Lite series is now also available in a variable height version.

From video conferencing codecs to professional webcams, SCT addresses the need to extend the distance between devices using a single category cable, solving cabling and connections. 

From Onelan digital signage to Reserva room reservation, from the new Planet Estream system for the educational sector to zero-latency decoding: with Tripleplay, streaming systems have no limits.

More and more software, more and more automation, more and more supervision functions: Utelogy is the most advanced networked AV management platform in the industry.

The world of iPads deserves special attention when it comes to wall or table-top installations: Viveroo presents the new flush-mounted system that adds maximum elegance to impeccable quality.

Yet another level of flexibility in video wall management for control rooms: with the new Pak, VuWall video control adds the simplicity of connecting video walls to local decoding devices.  


Revamping the Cynap range to the extreme: Wolfvision presents the tiny MINI and the top of the range in the new PRO guise, to cover the complete BYOD world.  

Audio processing is the essential element of the professional world, which with Xilica becomes even more efficient thanks to the Gio series endpoints. And in meeting rooms, with Sonia Amp, audio becomes an IoT system.