13 December 2021

Redesign your workspace! | with ProDVX & GoBright

Workspace productivity starts with the efficient management of offices and meeting rooms, audiovisual technology and related services, and ends with occupancy reports for the facility manager.

The perfect hardware must be reliable, manufactured to the highest quality standards and guaranteed for 24/7 operation.

The ProDVX displays represent these characteristics perfectly, and are the reason for their international success.

Discover the possibilities of ProDVX displays:


Digital Signage with Hardware you can always rely on

Digital signage is a versatile solution for everything related to communication in your company. There are many advantages to using digital signage:

  • More sales – up to 33% more!
  • Lower costs – 25% higher employee productivity!
  • More involvement – customer satisfaction improved by 46%!
  • More brand awareness – 83% recall rate with 400% more views!

Display and signage for meeting rooms

The use of Room Booking and Meeting Room Display applications has several advantages:

  • It’s really easy to book and manage meeting rooms
  • You can schedule a meeting wherever you are, depending on the solution you choose
  • Room reservation solutions can be linked with Outlook, Office365 and Google Calendar
  • No more booking of double rooms, which avoids frustration
  • Real-time view of meeting room status on display

The office is increasingly seen as a meeting place. Meeting room displays and room booking are becoming more relevant than ever.


Wayfinding, all the information you need in a simple and immediate way

The use of a wayfinding system has several advantages

  • Get from A to B quickly and efficiently, avoiding delays and frustration among your guests
  • Personal communication and navigation based on the visitor’s objective: directing people to the right floor or department
  • Opportunities for commercial communications
  • Always up-to-date, unlike static signage
  • Easy integration with other systems, such as Room Booking

Self Service Kiosk

People like to be in control, and by using Kiosk self-service displays they will be more inclined to explore your company’s content.
Other advantages of Kiosk self-service displays:

  • Research has shown that consumers spend on average 30% more through a self-service kiosk
  • Research has shown that 60% prefer a self-service kiosk, e.g. in airports or restaurants
  • Saving on staff costs
  • Creating options for branding or advertising

Barcode reader

Barcode readers are accessories to be added to ProDVX displays and are useful not only in the retail environment to show price and additional product information, but also for quick and convenient inventory management in the warehouse.


Access control systems

Access control systems are a popular solution. With this solution, it is possible to control access to specific locations. With these systems, the following activities can be controlled:

  • Define who has access to which places
  • If there is a temporary block
  • If there are other special requirements

Worry-free meetings with the GoBright room reservation system


Check the availability of meeting rooms and book them in seconds.
Use GoBright solutions to make a booking anytime, anywhere.

  • Secure a room that suits your needs.
  • Avoid double bookings and unnecessary meeting rooms booked but not used.
  • Manage room occupancy and save time, space and money.


GoBright MEET is the complete room reservation software with implementations such as Wayfinding, Room Control, Mapping and Room Sensors.

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Take flexible working to the next level with desk booking


Check the occupancy status of workstations and book your desk in seconds. Use the smart app or the online portal to make a reservation anytime, anywhere. Check in/out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

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  • Make sure you get a desk that suits your needs.
  • Find a colleague and book a work space nearby.
  • Manage desk occupancy; save money and space.


Gobright has a complete desk reservation software with optional additions such as mapping, desk sensors and locker integration.

Safe and professional welcome for all your visitors.


Whether you have a crowded reception area, or an unmanned lobby,
with GoBright Visit your guests are welcomed immediately.

  • It speeds up the flow of people at reception.
  • Shortens waiting times.


Complete visitor registration software with amazing features such as pre-registration, custom design and badge printing.

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Still have questions?
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Still have questions?
Contact our team!

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