6 December 2021

XILICA: Digital Audio for Collaboration

We are pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of XILICA audio systems for Italy

XILICA digital audio systems for collaboration arrive in Italy, devices that enhance the sound characteristics of conference rooms, university lecture theatres and auditoriums thanks to flexible programming and complete integration with control systems and network infrastructures.


XILICA solutions are used by professionals and organisations in more than 100 countries: the product range extends from modular audio processors to wall-mounted endpoints, from speakers to programmable touches, with a focus on the latest standards in networked audio management, from Dante protocol to PoE amplifiers.


Modular architecture, easy configuration and network integration. These are the ingredients behind the success of Xilica, devices that maximise speech intelligibility through comprehensive audio configuration and the ability to integrate HearClear AEC technology, which professionally removes unwanted noise and echo.

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Whichever way you choose to implement audio processing, Solaro processors can provide the perfect solution for your room, both locally and centrally.

Everything you need is at your fingertips:
Xilica’s touch displays provide streamlined, user-centric control functionality for spaces of all sizes.

Networked audio allows the IT infrastructure to be used to route signals from personal devices and digital and analogue peripherals throughout the building.

Sistema acustico interamente basato su cavi di rete con alimentazione PoE. Permette di distribuire un audio di qualità in qualsiasi spazio, senza doversi preoccupare del setup.

Do you have any questions?
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Do you have any questions?
Contact our team!


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Xilica creates audio devices for collaboration that help unlock the potential of communication. Historically designed to stay aligned with the way people use technology, Xilica’s solutions bridge the gap between individuals, teams, ideas and organisations. Xilica’s core vision is about improving business and society: from business to education to public administration, Xilica and its partners improve the daily lives of people in more than 100 countries.

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