25 May 2021

Intermark Sistemi “smart office” | Rome

The new “smart” environments at Intermark Sistemi headquarters


New requirements for flexible workspaces brought about by company growth and the evolution of AV and IT technologies have led to a thorough renovation of Intermark Sistemi’s headquarters in Rome, in the reception areas, sales offices, meeting rooms and showrooms.

Today, Intermark’s headquarters represents the essence of the company: minimalist and modern furniture, large spaces, plenty of natural light, a combination of white and green colours, and the best of technology to transform everything into a true smart office.

“I have always dreamed of creating a large luminous space that would transform the two company floors into a unicum: today I can say that we have succeeded in realising this uniqueness both architecturally and technologically”. Fabio Concezzi – CEO of Intermark Sistemi

The Concept

Spacious spaces with a modular function, which can be used both as workstations and as meeting rooms. Huddle rooms for quick meetings, centrally located reception and a double-height ground floor meeting room embedded in the centre of the building.

In this particular situation, Fabio Concezzi CEO of Intermark Sistemi and his team of specialists already had a clear idea of what their company headquarters should become. Every detail was requested and taken care of with meticulous attention to detail, from the glass touch panels to the video wall on a mobile trolley, from the use of natural light and the positioning and management of PoE artificial lighting to the connectivity of the entire building to the company network.

Ambitious goals

The objective of the renovation was to incorporate a large part of the technologies distributed by Intermark Sistemi into the workspaces: the complex system of infrastructures and devices of the different brands is in perfect synergy and easily managed by touch panels and graphic interfaces that are completely customisable and in line with the company’s coordinated image.

A further challenge of the renovation was the decision not to close the company during the works. By organising the work in zones, it was possible to maintain operational continuity and the presence of all personnel: thanks also to the scalability of the control systems, it was possible to restore optimal functionality for daily operations in a very short time.

Tangible results

Today, Intermark Sistemi’s headquarters is a veritable laboratory of new opportunities with rooms set up with real and demonstration technologiesvisible in the showroom area – to show the advantages of each solution.

“the solutions introduced totally confirmed the company’s expectations: the integration of the new technologies with the architecture of the new spaces left us fully satisfied and the full-height meeting room was incredibly beautiful, bright and functional, creating a visual connection between the ground floor and the first floor that did not exist before”. declares Fabio Concezzi, CEO of Intermark Sistemi

The networked management system makes it easy to share all information, audio and video streams between colleagues, while equipment data is managed centrally, for simple and effective supervision both locally and remotely.

Looking to the future

The “future-ready” concept is a key element of the technologies installed: although it is difficult to predict exactly how technology will evolve in the medium to long term, Intermark Sistemi has the necessary expertise to structure solutions based on the most innovative and forward-looking technological standards.

This is why the system in the new Intermark headquarters is entirely based on the company’s wired network with standards of a higher category than those commonly used. Audio/video streams, lighting, control and supervision all pass through it, so it is easily upgradable. It will take many, many years to find the limits.

Many brands were used, with the common and unavoidable factor of integrability:

  • AMX control system and touch panel
  • AMX SVSI AV distribution over IP
  • AMX integrated Office 365 room and off-site booking system
  • Utelogy software management of AV devices
  • Signify lighting platform Interact Office
  • Philips PoE luminaires
  • Modular Lighting Insturments design luminaires
  • Philips Dynalite DALI and DMX lighting with Antumbra intelligent control panels
  • Onelan digital signage reception
  • Wolfvision Cynap wireless BYOD and meeting room collaboration
  • Wolfivion Visualizer professional document camera
  • Minrray cameras and webcams
  • Samsung 2 x 2 videowall on Audipack mobile trolley
  • Smartmetals display wall brackets
  • Arthur Holm retractable monitors

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Are you interested in the solutions presented in this case study?
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