8 November 2022

Plug-and-play technology for conference rooms | LASA Venice

Plug-and-play technology for conference rooms

LASA F.lli Nata srl – Venice

LASA F.lli NATA srl is a manufacturer of door and window frames and metal carpentry located in the province of Venice. Founded in 1970, and like many medium-small Italian companies, it started from scratch thanks to the ideas and far-sightedness of its partners, initially carrying out small window and door frame works, but today it has become a reference point in the area for consultancy, design and realisation of window and door frames, metal carpentry, building, and hydraulic defence works in both the public and private sectors.

The conference room designed by LASA F.lli NATA Srl

In keeping with the trend of increasingly frequent remote meetings, LASA F.lli NATA Srl needed a conference/meeting room that could comfortably accommodate up to 16 people.

The initial room, designed and built by the company’s partners, included a large 85″ display with HDMI cable to transmit audio and video from the speaker’s computer and a large central table.

During the first conference sessions, the partners and the technical/administrative staff of LASA F.lli NATA Srl realised that the PC hardware alone (microphone and camera), or a classic handheld microphone to exchange, were absolutely insufficient and did not do justice to a room of that size.

Customer request

The partners of LASA F.lli NATA Srl were looking for a system that was high quality and versatile, but at the same time easy to use and that did not require any special precautions or the calling in of a technician for use, but with the request that the current configuration and positioning of the display and table be maintained.
Mention must be made of the design of the room skeleton; in fact, both the ceiling and the floating floor are inspectable and equipped with large cable ducts that allow the passage of cables from the display to the conference table.

The audio proposal: Nureva

The solution proposed by Intermark Sistemi was immediately received with enthusiasm. This proposal involves the use of a Nureva HDL300 audio device that maximises the versatility of the room and radically changes the way people participate in videoconferencing sessions. In fact, thanks to Nureva’s proprietary “Microphone Mist™” technology, which distributes thousands of virtual microphones throughout the space, people inside the room can be heard clearly by remotely connected participants from wherever they speak.

The video proposal: Minrray PTZ camera

A Minrray USB PTZ camera was proposed for video capture with Full HD resolution equipped with wide-angle lens, autofocus and 5x optical zoom capable of filming in detail even the participants seated at the furthest point of the large table was proposed. Thanks to the supplied remote control, it is possible to set up to 9 framing presets, useful in various videoconferencing sessions, which can be selected according to the number of participants and the types of use/movement within the room.

Installation and connections

No modifications of any kind were made to the room, but an attempt was made to place the devices in the best locations to maximise the performance of the camera and especially the sound pick-up for Nureva technology.
The best spot for the placement of the Nureva HDL300 audio device was undoubtedly on the plasterboard ledge above the display, which having no obstacles or gaps at the bottom maximised the reflection and dispersion in the environment of the virtual microphones.
Nureva devices are also highly appreciated for their extreme ease and speed of assembly, in fact only two screws are needed to hang them on the wall. In the present case, to conceal the wiring, a hole was drilled for the passage of the single PoE category cable that supplies power and sends the signal to the device. The PoE cable was routed behind the camera, which, thanks to its bulk, completely conceals the cables connecting it and passing through the back of the display.
The category cable that supplies power to the HDL300 Nureva and the 15-metre Josawa USB 3.0 extension cable that carries the signal to the camera are routed to the back of the display and then pass through the floating floor and under the table at the central location of the speaker PC.

User experience

By just connecting a single USB cable (for the Minrray camera and audio/microphone of the Nureva Hub) and the HDMI cable for connection to the display to the room PC, you have the entire room hardware at your disposal without the need to install any drivers; in fact, all devices are Plug-and-Play.

All PCs, Windows or Mac, autonomously recognise the room devices and are immediately present in the list of devices selectable by all videoconferencing software.
The only tasks to be performed are switching on the camera via remote control and just adjusting the volume/mute of the HDL300 Nureva via PC volume keys or remote control.

N.B: Switching on the Nureva audio device is done automatically by simply connecting the USB cable to the PC.

“This system for us at LASA F.lli NATA Srl, who are mainly administrative and technical staff and participate in remote video conferences, is very practical. Just connect a cable and you’re ready! The most complex operation is remembering to remove the cap from the camera, in fact we are very satisfied”.
Monica Zavan, Head of Secretariat and Administration – LASA F.lli NATA Srl

“Thanks to Nureva’s Cloud-based device management, it is possible to monitor the status, update firmware and check for errors remotely, making it even easier for the customer to use and guaranteeing flawless support”.
Enrico Veronese, Web Marketing Specialist – Intermark Sistemi

Futurability and implementation of the system

Nureva audio devices are constantly evolving, and after the installation the Voice Tracking function was introduced: with Microphone Mist Technology, HDL300 systems (or higher) determine with great accuracy the direction of the voice even in the midst of many people, where face- and body-tracking are not accurate, Nureva easily recognises who is speaking.
The Voice Tracking function was not requested by the customer, but thanks to the type of camera installed, it will be possible to implement it if required.

LASA conference room used as a test during Intemark Sistemi’s Nureva webinar

The installation of the Nureva HDL300 audio device allowed us to present our webinar dedicated to Nureva solutions directly from the conference room of LASA F.lli NATA Srl, using their new system as a “live” demonstration test, allowing us to carry out tests in both normal use and extreme conditions to demonstrate its potential.

  • Nureva
    HDL300-W: Acoustic system featuring proprietary Microphone Mist™ technology with 8,192 virtual microphones for medium-sized spaces up to 7.6 x 7.6 m. Continuous self-calibration. Acoustic echo cancellation. Plug-and-play. Built-in speakers: 2x 20W full-range 4″ aluminium speakers.


  • Minrray
    UV540-5-U3-W: 1080P60 PTZ camera. Optical Zoom: 5X. Digital Zoom: 5X. Viewing angle: 83.7°. Functions: USB3.0, USB2.0, IP streaming, RS232-In.


  • Josawa
    ALF-15M-U3.0: Active 15 mt USB 3.0 extension cable. Can connect high-speed USB 3.0 with a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps.

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