27 April 2023

Meeting room with retractable technology by Arthur Holm | Milan

Meeting room with retractable technology by Arthur Holm | Milan

Intermark Sistemi’s new Milan headquarters and showroom is spread over two rooms – Sala Colosseo and Sala Duomo, to recall the dual soul that characterises the company today. The pivot around which everything revolves is obviously the technology: the most advanced and innovative, but also the easiest to use, install and maintain, because the ultimate aim is to demonstrate the advantage that the end customer can draw from it, in daily use, whether it is a meeting room, an auditorium, a hotel, a control room or the management of the work spaces of an entire building.

Arthur Holm technology for the boardroom table

The area equipped with the imposing meeting table in the Colosseo room is the area to which we have dedicated the most space in the showroom, a necessity also dictated by the natural dimensions of this room. The meeting table, which can seat up to 8/10 people, features a modern and sophisticated design with minimalist lines and a neat surface with no clutter.

What is truly revolutionary is hidden inside: displays, speakers, microphones and cameras rise from the surface at the touch of a finger or via touch panel control.

Arthur Holm DB2
Arthur Holm DynamicSpeaker
Arthur Holm DynamicMCS

In the boardroom table of our showroom, we installed three 22″ Arthur Holm model DB2 motorised retractable displays with touch screen function for the central display. A much sought-after feature for conference applications is the interconnection of the displays, which allows for maximum collaboration and flexibility, The main monitor is connected so that it can send video content to the remaining monitors and also to the impressive 120″ LED Wall in the room. In addition, the Arthur Holm DB2 display with touch screen function is connected to the room PC (BYOD Cynap by Wolfvision) which further expands the potential of the system without the need to connect an external laptop PC which would cause extra cable clutter.

In the centre of the table are two Arthur Holm “DynamicSpeaker” pop-up loudspeakers: specially designed to be placed in the middle of meeting stations. They offer powerful, crystal-clear all-round sound with a wooden sound box and a 36W rms class D amplifier. Excellent not only for videoconferencing thanks to the optimised frequencies to maximise intelligibility, but also for the enjoyment of high-quality audio content.

New from Arthur Holm is the all-in-one conference product, also motorised and retractable “DynamicMCS” a small cylinder with loudspeaker, microphone with status LED and wide-angle camera. A truly complete and space-saving solution even when operational. Our meeting station includes 5 of them, an ideal number to accommodate up to 8/10 participants. In fact, the integrated optics of the wide-angle camera are optimised for filming two people positioned in front of it.

Arthur Holm‘s motorised retractable technology can undoubtedly be described as the flagship for any meeting room that wants to achieve the ultimate in both design and performance.

Every element is taken care of down to the smallest detail: the motorised retractable displays from 17″ to 24″ can be reclining, touch-screen, dual-monitor (for double-sided viewing), equipped with integrated webcams, gooseneck microphones, and can be integrated into the work surface with a veneer in the same finish as the table or can have an elegant satin-finished steel plate.

All these Arthur Holm technologies are available for testing and demonstration
at our Intermark Sistemi showroom in Milan.

Fabio Concezzi, CEO of Intermark Sistemi, has come up with many ideas himself, together with a close-knit team of collaborators, and declares, without hiding a hint of pride:

“We are excited about the opening of our new headquarters in Milan, where we will be able to offer our customers a unique experience in the professional audio video sector. Our new location is a real showroom, where customers will be able to see and try out the most innovative solutions in the industry. We are proud to be able to offer an even more complete and quality service to our customers, and we are convinced that our new headquarters in Milan will be an important reference point for all those who wish to invest in the latest audio video technologies. We are ready to welcome customers, consultants and end-users to our new premises, to show everything we have to offer and to actively help identify the perfect solution for the specific needs of each project.

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Are you interested in the solutions presented in this case study?
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