15 October 2021

MAXHUB: all-in-one Integrated LED Walls up to 220″

We are pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of MAXHUB’s Raptor solutions.

MAXHUB integrated LED Walls arrive in Italy, devices of excellence from every point of view: immersive image quality, brightness / contrast ratio, wired and wireless connectivity, studio quality audio, on stunning dimensions up to 220 “in just 30mm of thickness.

MAXHUB’s Raptor Series LED Walls impress with their ability to envelop us and capture our attention, adapting to a variety of prestigious applications: Conference Rooms, Boardrooms, Auditoriums, Control Rooms and wherever large display surfaces are required integrated with wired and wireless collaboration and sharing systems.


MAXHUB’s Raptor solutions have Full HD and, for the top-of-the-range 220″ version, 4K resolutions. As well as impressing with their size and visual quality, they incorporate a number of unique features: ultra-slim and ultra-light design, 3-in-1 technology (control, sharing and amplification in a single chassis), dynamic brightness adjustment sensor, sound vibration dampening system.


MAXHUB has equipped the ultra-thin Raptor LED Wall with Android 9.0 operating system, HDMI inputs and outputs, USB-C connections, video management of up to 4 windows simultaneously, remote control functions and real-time annotation from PCs and mobile devices.

Want to experience MAXHUB quality for yourself?

Come and visit us in our showroom in Rome,
the 138″ integrated LED Wall is ready to amaze you!

Discover MAXHUB’s all-in-one integrated LED walls

Various mounting configurations are available: ceiling-mounted, mobile stand and wall-mounted

Do you have any questions?
Contact our team!

Do you have any questions?
Contact our team!


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MAXHUB is the CVTE Group brand specialising in the development of interactive technologies and the design of intelligent applications optimised for collaboration, university education, videoconferencing and content sharing on interactive screens and LED walls. The commitment to make the human communication experience richer and more effective through technology guides Maxhub towards the new frontiers of human-computer interaction, enhanced by the continuous research of technologically efficient solutions and the design and production of ultra-thin LEDs integrated with interactive and sharing technologies.

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