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ProDVX - Kiosk Browser

The ProDVX Kiosk Browser is a full screen browser for our DS Series Android Tablets and Android Box PC’s.


  • Full screen browsing
  • The application starts automatically at power on
  • Set your default URL
  • Default URL address will open after startup
  • Auto refresh

This application is only suitable for the ProDVX Integrated Android Displays DS / DSQ / DSQP / DSQPL and Android Box PC.

Click on ‘Downloads’ below and download the ‘ProDVX Kiosk Browser APK’ file and use the ProDVX Kiosk Browser for free!


Scarica il Kiosk Browser APK for Android 4.4 and 5.1 >

Scarica il Kiosk Browser APK for Android 6.0 >

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