9 September 2021

Technology and Modularity | Barton Park Perugia

Technology serving modularity

Barton Park | Green Business Center | Perugia

Barton Park | Green Business Center in Perugia is a 3-hectare green space, designed and created by the Barton Group to celebrate their 30th year in business and donated to the entire Perugia community. The park is intended to be a welcoming meeting place open to the public in which to spend time immersed in nature, relax and attend the events scheduled in the open-air arena/theatre area with over 2,000 seats. Thanks to the technological equipment and full Wi-Fi network coverage, the park is also frequented by an increasing number of workers and students.

Inside the Barton Park | Green Business Centre is the new headquarters of the Barton Group, an ideal place to organise meetings, training courses, workshops and conferences, equipped with all the latest technology required for successful events.

Customer request

The Barton Group demanded the highest level of flexibility for the multimedia set-up of the meeting rooms, with the aim of creating independent spaces but, if necessary, capable of combining into larger areas by moving movable walls, increasing the capacity to a large 110-seat conference room with unified technology.

“The technology we asked for had to be as professional (especially for audio in the halls), usable and reliable as it was discreet and, if possible, ‘hidden’ and minimally intrusive.”
Mario Canala – IT Manager Barton Group

The modularity of the rooms

The concept

The solution proposed by Intermark Sistemi involves the use, in the main hall, of the Enova DVX system by AMX, a device capable of managing audio, video and control flows with maximum flexibility, combined with the AV over IP distribution of the SVSi family, by AMX itself, for maximum freedom to combine the 4 halls in all possible configurations.

Seating ranges from 38 in the main hall to 110 in a plenary configuration.

The rooms are equipped with large wall-mounted monitors, which, when using the rooms in combined mode, become reminder screens for the audience. Multimedia whiteboards and videoconferencing systems complete the technological equipment.

The main conference room integrates a speaker’s desk with Arthur Holm’s elegant desktop-format monitors, which can be manually tilted so as not to obstruct the view.

An AMX Touch Panel programmed with simple presets is used to conveniently manage the room’s AV settings, home automation and automations.

The installation is completed by an audio system consisting of a professional sound diffusion system, also modular with the possibility of grouping the rooms according to the configuration of the spaces.

Tangible results, beyond expectations

The conference rooms, initially conceived as areas for the exclusive use of the Barton Group’s internal staff, soon became a service that could also be used by third parties. Since the inauguration, numerous requests have come in for the spaces to organise meetings, training courses, thematic workshops and conferences, thanks also to the technological equipment and versatility of the rooms. The end user promptly responded to these requests by integrating the meeting rooms into the Green Business Centre’s range of services.

“The design keypoints were flexibility and scalability without impacting on costs. With the DVX solution, complete management of the main room was achieved, while with SVSI, complete room combining of the remaining”.
Devid Dantone – Internal Sales & Project Manager Intermark Sistemi

Video presentation
Barton Park | Green Business Center



  • Arthur Holm
    AH1: 12″ manually reclining speaker monitor in milled aluminium with anodised finish and black cast iron base.

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